The hidden secrets within…

What lies within isn’t always obvious from the outside.

Sometimes the outside of a structure can hide for years what is lurking within………

Wood rot left untreated can completely destroy your structure and leave an unstable foundation for the future.

Different levels of wood rot destruction require thorough analysis of applicable treatments & rectification options and in some instances, such as this post, they will require full replacement. There are many ways to treat wood rot within a timber framework and the good news is that if an engineer deems that a particular member is still structurally sound, you can leave the member in place & apply treatment measures such as:

  • No rot preservative drilled & dowelled into the wood which slow releases protection to emit any further rot
  • Apply wood hardener treatment to increase rot resistance & increase strength
  • Permanently infill the cavity with a specialist wood epoxy filler.
  • Apply a seal coat as soon as possible

Getting to the root cause of the problem is our speciality where our senior leaders have a hands on approach to engaging the right people to get the job done properly.

Employing the right team to assess your building needs is where Ceschino Technical Advisory Services can help you budget, plan and implement your asset and maintenance needs.

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