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Failed waterproof membrane – a common QA failing on sites.

A common failing I am regularly seeing across our building sites is waterproof membrane integrity. As a project manager I believe it is our responsibility to check for a robust ITP process on site by the head contractor. Regular QA reviews should include inspections by the supplier of the product and more importantly, calliper testing […]

Common QA problem: Steel corrosion causing finished surface blowouts

Two recent apartment refurbishment projects we have worked on have had steel corrosion as the cause of finished surfaces blowing out. Steel lintels corroding inside block-work cause oxidization within the mortar resulting in expansion and eventual cracking. Treatment to the exposed underside of a lintel is very different to the embedded section of the lintel […]

The hidden secrets within…

What lies within isn’t always obvious from the outside. Sometimes the outside of a structure can hide for years what is lurking within……… Wood rot left untreated can completely destroy your structure and leave an unstable foundation for the future. Different levels of wood rot destruction require thorough analysis of applicable treatments & rectification options […]